Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

New Year - Millennium Hammer - and other stuff

Happy New Year to everyone,

yes, a little late but all good things need their time.

Ok - 2016 was a let´s say difficult year for me. On the real life side as well as on the hobby front.
I did not manage to paint a lot, did not visit the shows I normally visit and started lots of different things unable to focus on a bigger project.

A few days ago I got together with "Künne" my regular gaming mate and my good friend in one person (lucky boy I am).

We talked about what we would like to do in 2017 in regards of hobby time. After some talking about good old times we remembered when we first met each other and where it all started. We played Warhammer against each other at that point when Warhammer has had it´s best times ever. I talk about the 6th Edition released in September 2000. From now on I call it Millennium-Hammer just to create another term for an older version of Warhammer :-)

Very soon we decided which army we will gather for our new project. I will go for the High Elves which I always loved for their style of playing and for the lovley miniatures designed over the last 25 years. Another reason is that I already have some painted miniatures for this army as well.

We will create our armies in little steps and play some battles while our armies will growing bigger. So hopefully you will see more of this project in the future.

For those of you that are not very interested in Warhammer I will also have some other things I will focus on. I have some ideas for ancient mythic wargaming, Frostgrave and some other things. More on this later...

To make a start showing painted miniatures I have some pictures of the Warhammer High Elves I have already painted.

My favorite HE miniatures - the Lothern Seaguard

I have painted 15 of them - the army will include 2 untits of 20 each. 

I love the detail on these miniatures, different armour and quivers

My other favorites - White Lions of Chrace

And their hero Korhil

This miniature is from a later edition - love him

Korhil and his White Lions

I used the Marauder sculpts of the White Lions

Again lot of character and great equipment detail

The Marauder versions have real huge lion pelts

The command miniatures

Notice the white lion fur of the inner cloak

The units that I plan to do are:

2x 20 Lothern Seaguard
2x 10 Archers
1x 18 Spear Elves
1x 16 Maiden Guard
1x 12 Shadow Warriors
2x Tiranoc Chariots
2x 6 Ellyrian Reaver Knights
2x Great Eagles
2x Bolt Thrower 
2x Mages
1x Battle Standard Bearer
3x other Heroes 

Puhh, that will take some time. Though the Dark Elves from my mate will keep me going.

See you later.