Samstag, 14. März 2015

Barbarians Project - New Protagonists

The last night I managed to finish two new barbarian characters. These were handpicked from my lead mountain as I like both of them very much.

The handsome guy with the huge sword is called "Grona" and he will be the leading character in a warband I plan to adventure the world of fantasy using Song of blades and heroes.

The big barbarian with the two handed axe is called "Osna" and he is the brother of "Sheera". Osna isn´t really intelligent but is strong and brutal and so makes the perfect addition to the group.

Sheera will follow next. For the Hollywood fans of you it might be relevant that Sheera is the lover of Grona, though for the real man out there this fact doen´t really matter as the story will focus on the battlefield of steel and not the battlefield of love...


Stay tuned to follow the Barbarian Adventures!

Donnerstag, 12. März 2015

Barbarian Terrain

What does a real barbarian need more than a broadsword, body oil, a nearly naked princess to rescue and some poor chaps to slay?

You`re right, some terrain to pose on.

The tower ruin is a Ziterdes piece that got a new paint job. I used different grey tones to simulate natural stone. After that it got new static grass as the original grass was too greenish.

The rocks are from Ziterdes too. Same work on them as for the ruin.

The trees are from the German company NOCH. I put them on scratch build underground and used different pieces from my terrain bitz box.

The tower makes a perfect centerpiece for a "rescue the virgin" scenario. Maybe a good one for Song of Blades and Heroes.

More barbarian terrain in the pipeline


Donnerstag, 5. März 2015

The Muscle Mania - a Barbarian Project

My dear followers and miniature maniacs,

it´s been a while since I´ve posted here some new painted miniatures. To be honest, there is nothing really new because job and family kept me away from painting.

For nearly one and a half weeks now I´m on sick leave as I´m just another victim of the flu that is raging over here. After staying in bed for the last days I just wanted to do something that makes staying at home a little more nicer. As the headache keeps me away from painting (damn), I just had a look on some old miniature projects.

And that´s where the story begins.

I was really surprised when I was surveying my old barbarian army how cool they still look. I have started to paint the army around 18 years ago for Warhammer. After that there were some minor additions to it the following years. As you can see the painting is much more unclean and not so crisp as today. I used to paint over white primer making use of washing effects and darker inks. But it still has its own charm.

I always wanted a Barbarian army very much inspired by the fantastic comic series "Slaine" by Simon Bisley. I think that Mark Copplestone had pretty much the same example when he sculpted the miniatures. 

So why I´m telling you all that?
I think it is time to get back to that project. I have dozens of unpainted miniatures for this army and many ideas as well. I will obviously don´t touch the already painted miniatures and if then just to repair the damages or parts that were never really painted.

The main job for the project will be to paint some new stuff and really think about the painting techniques I will use for it. I think I will give my "old style" a new try and will go with white primed miniatures and then use washes etc. I haven´t done that for the last 8 years or so. We will see.

That´s the army as it is today:

Barbarian warlord on war beast 
Converted Copplestone Grenadier barbarian on Hobby Products Demonworld beast

Barbarian Hero on war beast 
Converted Copplestone Grenadier barbarian on Hobby Products Demonworld beast

Barbarian Warlord 
Converted Chronopia miniature with Citadel helmet (Warhammer item `Helm of many Eyes!`) 

Barbarian Shamen
Converted Copplestone Grenadier and Citadel Chaos Sorcerer 

Barbarian Sorcerer with `Skull of Katam`
Citadel Chaos Sorcerer, the rod with the skull was never finished - maybe a good thing to start with... 

Army Banner bearer
Converted Chronopia miniature 

Barbarian warband - 25 men with full command 
Different companies (Grenadier, Harlequine, Ral Partha, Rackham, Chronicle) - some conversions

I really like these chaps. The running barbarian is one of my all time favorites of Copplestone. He has this "thief"-like character like the younger Conan. 

Berserkers - Come and get some!!

Ral Partha Cloud Giant by Tom Meier and Copplestone barbarian shaman.
I use this base as a unit filler. I´m not sure if I will re paint the giant. Or is there someone out there who has a second for me? ;-) 

Barbarian warband - 25 men with full command 
Different companies (Grenadier, Harlequine, Chronopia) - some conversions
The banner bearer needs to be finished

Some singles and closer view on details - looking at these pictures one can see that the army has fought often on the different battlefields. I need to repair the painting of these miniatures

Copplestone Half Giant - used as a unit filler 
He is also a long time favorite of mine.
I have a second one with a different bold head. The "bold" version was part of the old Grenadier Fantasy Warriors army deal. I´ve seen some speculation on the net who is responsible for the bold version of this miniature (EM4, Mirliton etc.) - the answer is Grenadier did both of them. 
I´m really looking forward to paint the miniature again (not him but the other version I have).  

Barbarian Cavalry unit 1
All Copplestone Grenadier with some conversions 

Barbarian Cavalry unit 2 
All Copplestone Grenadier with some conversions 

A flock of Harpies
Miniatures by Werner Klocke (Hobby Products DSA and Excalibur Miniatures) 

Barbarian War Beasts - used as chariots in Warhammer
Leviathan resign beasts converted with Copplestone Grenadier riders 

The following pictures will show some close ups from shield designs 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of my old school barbarian army so far. I´m looking forward to paint new models for it in the near future and give this project some of my painting love. I think it deserves it.

Now it is time to recover and get back to painting.

Dr. Moebius