Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Back to Darkest Africa!

It´s been a while but I now have an update for my Death in the Dark Continent project. The last days I painted four Tetela warriors with muskets. That makes two more bases for my Force Publique allies. As these are skirmishers I placed two miniatures on the base. 

To fit to the look of my warriors armed with spears and shields I sculpted the musket armed miniatures some fancy hair cuts with green stuff. They also got some tribal scars. They look fierce aren´t they?

Dienstag, 27. Mai 2014

Dwarfs again

As promised here are two more dwarfs from my collection. The map reader is one of my favorites. The shield design of the second dwarf is a hommage to a painted dwarf from the book "Heroes for Wargames" from Stewart Parkinson, published in 1986 by Paper Tiger. I can strongly recommend to buy this book if you can get your hands on it. It is "the book" if you are a Citadel Miniatures collector. 

A dwarf map reader and dwarf fighter. The fighter is one of several poses that were once part of the Lord of the Rings series from Citadel. I think I have now 4 different of them.

Just to show you that I´m still going on with this project here are some work in progress pics of two more dwarf adventurers and a second slave ogre pitfighter. 

Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

More dwarfs

I´ve painted more dwarfs.

The thief with the looting bag got a new beard sculpted as the original one wasn´t really great. The dwarf with the beer mug got a new sword as the original sword was a little miscasted. I really love the look and the character of the old Perry twins dwarfs. The thieves and adventurers really capture the feeling and story of a bunch that´s looking for more gold. Greedy little bastards!

Two more dwarfs from the same range. The thief with the grappling hook got a plastic pipe from a Games Workshop dwarfs plastic spure. You can find some really nice and useful bits in these sprues. 

The last miniature for today is a Citadel ogre from Jes Goodwin. He was bought by the dwarfs for a little bag of gold on a slave market during their journey. A good deal for the gang. He will give them more fighting power when they have to fight an enemy in superior number. I like the look of the ball and chain weapon smeared with blood. He was given the name `Grong the Slave Ogre`.

I will use them for Song of blades and heroes and also for Overlanders in God of Battles. The pitfighter slave ogre will be used as cave bear in God of Battles. 

Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014


The last few weeks I enjoyed painting some old Citadel and Marauder dwarfs. There are a lot more to come. Here you can see an old Citadel dwarf adventurer or thief and a dwarf wizard from Marauder Miniatures. Lovely models and such a fun to paint.

I will paint more of these guys in the next painting sessions. We will see for how long I can stay to them before switching to another paint project.