Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

More dwarfs

I´ve painted more dwarfs.

The thief with the looting bag got a new beard sculpted as the original one wasn´t really great. The dwarf with the beer mug got a new sword as the original sword was a little miscasted. I really love the look and the character of the old Perry twins dwarfs. The thieves and adventurers really capture the feeling and story of a bunch that´s looking for more gold. Greedy little bastards!

Two more dwarfs from the same range. The thief with the grappling hook got a plastic pipe from a Games Workshop dwarfs plastic spure. You can find some really nice and useful bits in these sprues. 

The last miniature for today is a Citadel ogre from Jes Goodwin. He was bought by the dwarfs for a little bag of gold on a slave market during their journey. A good deal for the gang. He will give them more fighting power when they have to fight an enemy in superior number. I like the look of the ball and chain weapon smeared with blood. He was given the name `Grong the Slave Ogre`.

I will use them for Song of blades and heroes and also for Overlanders in God of Battles. The pitfighter slave ogre will be used as cave bear in God of Battles. 


  1. Beautiful minis, love the Ogre especially!

  2. Thanks Phil,

    yes he is a beauty isn´t he :-)

  3. I've actually got a copy of that book that I'm trying to sell.... it was published so long ago I don't think people realise i/ how good a book it actually is and ii/ how much it is worth- not that I was asking an arm and a leg for it :>)


  4. A pleasure to see such sublime brushwork.

    Are the haircuts conversions?

    Darrell. (New Follower of your Blog)

  5. Hi Darrell,

    many thanks for your comment and I´m happy to see that you now follow my blog ;-)
    No conversions on the haircuts, just the beard from the looter was new sculpted.