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Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Back to Darkest Africa!

It´s been a while but I now have an update for my Death in the Dark Continent project. The last days I painted four Tetela warriors with muskets. That makes two more bases for my Force Publique allies. As these are skirmishers I placed two miniatures on the base. 

To fit to the look of my warriors armed with spears and shields I sculpted the musket armed miniatures some fancy hair cuts with green stuff. They also got some tribal scars. They look fierce aren´t they?


  1. Splendid, paint job and base, all is perfect!!

  2. They are sensational! I love the conversions and the basing is just perfect!

  3. Many thanks for the comments!

    Will do my best to keep the project running. There is still lot of stuff to do.