Samstag, 14. März 2015

Barbarians Project - New Protagonists

The last night I managed to finish two new barbarian characters. These were handpicked from my lead mountain as I like both of them very much.

The handsome guy with the huge sword is called "Grona" and he will be the leading character in a warband I plan to adventure the world of fantasy using Song of blades and heroes.

The big barbarian with the two handed axe is called "Osna" and he is the brother of "Sheera". Osna isn´t really intelligent but is strong and brutal and so makes the perfect addition to the group.

Sheera will follow next. For the Hollywood fans of you it might be relevant that Sheera is the lover of Grona, though for the real man out there this fact doen´t really matter as the story will focus on the battlefield of steel and not the battlefield of love...


Stay tuned to follow the Barbarian Adventures!


  1. Ok, I've been working on a Grenadier based Barbarian project for the past months but my painting skills are nowhere near yours. This is by far the best barbarian lot I have seen so far. You even did their eyesI The conversions are 100% sound. My project is located at the Metal Express forums because I made it specifically for the Bladestorm gaming system. I chose miniatures from Grenadier, RAFM, Excalibur and Celtos.

    Wir können auch gerne auf Deutsch schreiben ;-)

    Absolut erstklassig!

    Viele Grüße,