Montag, 3. Februar 2014

The Congo Arab War - The Arab Slavers

The masters of the slave business in the Congo basin.

I really like the colourful army of the Congo Arabs. It is really fun to paint them, though it will take some time to finish the army as I will need lots of bases to field against the Force Publique.

The most famous of all Zanzibari slave traders is without doubt Tippu Tip. The Foundry Darkest Africa range has a fantastic model to represent him. But I will use the miniature as his son Sefu, because Tippu Tip was already back to Zanzibar in retirement when the war broke out. Sefu was in charge then.

Picture of Tippu Tip

The Command base for the Arabs - Sefu and his sunshade bearer plus bodyguard

The first bases of the Manyema warriors armed with muskets. I used Foundry Ruga-Rugas as I think they will fit well for the arabised central african Manyema. Tough guys!

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